Classes Offered

Five Flags Dance Academy offers a full scale dance program for ages 2 through adult. Most classes are grouped as a combination class as a convenience for you. This allows you to only make one trip a week to the studio leaving your other nights free for other activities and family time.

All classes are taught by a qualified instructors. Student assistants will be present in classes when deemed necessary by the studio.

Ballet45 min classages 2 through adult (some ballet classes are 1 hour)
Pointe60 min classInstructor & Director approval only
Ballet Technique45 min class(used in addition to any pointe or ballet classes ages 9 & up)
Tap30 min classages 2-adult
Jazz45 min classages 8 -adult (age 7 w/2 yrs dance exp. (age 8 may enroll in Jr Beg Class)
Lyrical45 min classages 10-adult (must have 2 years of ballet experience)
Hip Hop45 min classages 9-adult (must have 1 year of jazz experience)
Musical Theater60 min class 

Some class time lengths may be more than those listed above.

*No pull ups allowed – 2 1/2 year olds only allowed in Tuesday morning classes

We believe students can begin to learn the proper terminology and technique of Ballet and Tap at an early age when it is presented to them on a level they can identify with. Having a real dance class vs. a “creative movement” class increases their advancement in their dancing skills. This is one area Five Flags Dance Academy has excelled in. Our most positive and common comment on our Spring Show is how amazing our “babies” perform when on stage. The instructors are not allowed to dance with the children during the show. By showtime, the dancers have had 9 full months to work with instructors, they will know their