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Five Flags Dance Academy

Policies and General Information

Welcome to Five Flags Dance Academy! Our program is designed to develop discipline, confidence, self-expression, and talent while learning the fundamentals of dance.


An annual $40 nonrefundable registration fee, per family, is due at the beginning of each dance season. Each student is required to have current registration and release forms on file as well as a current email address. Please notify the office if you move or have a change of address/phone.

Student Placement and Progression

Our professional staff at Five Flags Dance Academy is trained to teach the art of dance. Without training, instructors make professional educational decisions regarding a student’s dance training. Returning students are placed according to their teacher’s recommendation. New students are placed by age, grade, number of years experience, type of training and teacher’s discretion. We do our best to place each dancer on the background you provide for us. If a student is placed incorrectly, they will be moved during the first few classes.

Not all dancers progress at the same pace. Many factors such as physical growth, learning speed, coordination, number of classes, natural ability etc. play a primary roll. There are great physical and emotional risks involved with a dancer progressing too quickly. Please allow us to place your child where we feel they can enjoy dancing, learn correctly and make excellent progress. Any questions or concerns regarding your child ‘s class placement and progress are welcomed. Please contact the office to schedule communication with your child ‘s instructor and/or FFDA staff should you have any concerns.

Class Information

Each class offered at FFDA will be taught by a qualified instructor. Student assistants will be present in classes when deemed necessary by the director. Please stay with your child until their class begins. If anyone other than the parent or guardian will be picking up the dancer, inform the teacher/office ahead of time. A short water break will be taken during the two-hour classes. Please bring a water bottle. Students are not allowed to bring food or drink into the classroom. Cell phones must be turned off during class. If there is an emergency, please call the studio office. T-shirts are not allowed in any dance class or dance room. Dancers will sign an agreement on their first class that they will not wear T shirts into the dance room. Dancers with T shirts will be asked to leave class and sit in the lobby. Instructors need to see the movement and body position of the dancer to properly instruct.


Students are encouraged to attend 100% of every class. Please keep absences to a minimum. Excessive absences or tardiness may result in class reassignment. During recital season, January-June, students are allowed five (5) excused absences and zero (0) unexcused absences. Only two of these may be consecutive. Any student who for any reason misses more than the Approved number of classes will not be allowed to perform.

When dancers are sick or injured, they may decide to observe class and not participate. This will only be allowed three times per year. Students who are 15+ minutes late for class will be considered absent and may be asked to observe the class due to missing the proper warmup to safely participate. Participation is imperative for all dancers for proper rehearsal.

Make-up Classes

Make-up classes will be held only when a teacher cancels a regularly scheduled class period no make-up classes will be held for Holidays or student absence. Up to two weeks of classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Any classes cancelled beyond two weeks will be rescheduled. You must call to make up a class.

Waiting Room Etiquette

Five Flags Dance Academy was founded on family, and this is an important part of what we do. Although we are a “child friendly” environment, we are still a business. All children should be supervised while in the building. Do not allow them to play with the water cooler, doors, blinds, etc. Siblings are welcome but activities should be quiet and not disruptive to class, office, or others waiting in the lobby area. Please keep conversations age appropriate for children’s ears and be respectful of others waiting. Please dispose of any food garbage in the trash outside in the front of the building. We appreciate your assistance in keeping our facility clean and pest free. You will be charged if students are not picked up in a timely manner.

Classroom Etiquette & Viewing

We all want your child to enjoy dance class, but it’s also important that the class remain in control. Students are expected to behave respectfully to fellow students as well as the instructor. We as teachers understand that some days are better than others, however, students who are excessively disruptive during class will be asked to either sit in the classroom or leave the room for the duration of the class. The instructor will fill out a disciplinary form and have parents sign when necessary.

Class viewing is at the discretion of the director. The studio doors will be closed for majority of classes. Remember you are a “stranger” to the other students in the classroom and could be a distraction keeping them from fully participating in class. The director may invite parents to watch part of the class on certain days. Parent observation weeks will be scheduled at the discretion of the director. Notification will be sent home with the dancers prior to parent observation classes.

Fees & Payment Schedule

Monthly tuition is on the first day of each month. A ten-day grace period will follow after which a $15 late fee will be assessed on the 10th day of each month. Payment should be turned into the tuition drop box, given to the office manager or made online by credit card. Please do not hand payments to a teacher. Parents who give the responsibility to their dancer to turn intuition or still responsible for the late fee if the student fails or forgets to turn the Payment in on time. Payment mailed are not late if postmarked by the 10th. Payments will not be held an must not be postdated. Safe check handles all returned checks. Tuition is not prorated for Holidays or missed classes. If for any reason your dancer drops a class, you must visit the office and fill out a drop form. You will be billed until this form is completed and received. Drop forms are available at the office. A 30 day drop notice is required.

Fees are as follows:

$50.00 for a 30-minute class

$55.00 for a 45 minute class

$60.00 for a 60 minute class

$65.00 for a 75 minute class

$75.00 for a 90 minute class

$80.00 for 105 minutes of class

$85.00 for 120 minutes of class

$95.00 for 135 minutes of class

$100.00 for 150 minutes of class

$125.00 for 165 minutes of class

$140.00 for 180 minutes of class – Unlimited Recreational

$200.00 per month for unlimited classes – Competition and/or Ballet Company

*$10 discount per immediate family member! (No discount for unlimited)

**All accounts must be kept up to date. Costumes will not be ordered for anyone with an outstanding balance. Additionally, any students with past due accounts at recital time will not be allowed to perform. Students with outstanding balances may be denied participation in class until the account is reconciled. Competition students WILL NOT be allowed to participate in performances or competitions if their tuition is behind.

We charge a 1.5% credit card fee, which is one half of what we are charged by our credit card processor. We accept cash, checks, and money orders as well.

Dress Code & Classroom Safety Rules

Please see Dress Code Sheet for the dress code requirements for the studio.

Our staff will be strictly enforcing the dress code for all classes. Please make sure dancers are properly dressed and on time for class. Students may be asked to leave class if not dressed appropriately.

  • T-shirts are not allowed in any class

  • Bare feet are not allowed in ant dance class that requires shoes. Dancers must wear appropriate dance shoes for every class.

  • Tights with excessive “tears” or “runs” are not allowed.

  • Hair must be pulled back from face. Ponytail or buns are encouraged. Long bangs need to be pinned away from face. Hair will not be allowed down in class.

  • Please avoid wearing dangling jewelry. Dancers wearing any jewelry that compromises safety will be asked to remove it.

  • For safety, no gum, candy, or lozenges are allowed in class.

  • Please leave all toys at home.

  • Please label all belongings with dancers first and last names.

  • Please do not wear your dance shoes outside of the studio. This can not only damage the studio floors but can also damage your dance shoes.

  • Dancers should have a dance bag with the dancer’s name on it for their first class.

Special Programs

Competitive Dance Team (By Audition Only)

FFDA offers students an opportunity to audition for our competition dance team. The dance team travels to competitions and dance workshops. They also perform in our community at festivals and events. Auditions are held each year in May and August. Please contact the office if you’re interested in auditioning for our competition dance team.

Requirements: Dancers must have prior dance experience. Dancers must also be at least five years of age. Competition dance team members must enroll in 2 ballet, 1 tap, 1 jazz, 1 lyrical, 1 hip hop, as well as the team class. Additional performance and travel requirements are determined by the director and vary each season.

FFDA Classical Ballet Company (By Audition Only)

FFDA offers students the opportunity to audition for our Classical Ballet Company. The Ballet Company performs in our community and has a special performance during our yearly recital. Please contact the office if you are interested in our Classical Ballet Company.

Requirements: Mini Ballet Company – Ages 7-9

Apprentice Ballet Company – Ages 10-12 with 2+ years of experience

Junior/Senior Level – Age 11 & up with 5+ years of experience, 1 year of pointe

Company members are required to take the Ballet Company class (Monday nights) and additional ballet classes each week.

Attire: Solid black leotard, pink tights with hair pulled back into a bun. Mini Ballet Company is required to have a skirt.

There is a tuition increase for Ballet Company based on the level of dancer.

Media Release

Permission is granted to use My student’s image for advertising purposes. This may include, but is not limited to, print, video, and Internet advertisements and literature. Permission is also hereby granted for the studio to copyright such photos in our name.

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Costume measurement week will occur Monday, November ____ through Saturday, November ____ 2021. Parents/Guardians or any other responsible adult will be required to attend this class period. At this class, you will be measuring your student for their recital costume. Costume fitting week will occur tentatively Monday, April ____ through Saturday, April ____ 2022. Parents or another responsible adult will be required to attend this class. At this class, your dancer will be trying on their costume. The teacher will be giving instructions on any alterations that need to be made as well as information about upcoming recital deadlines. Attendance for students and at least one parent is mandatory for these classes.

Costume Deposit and Payments

A mandatory costume deposit of $30 for each costume is due by Thursday October ___ 2021 by 6:30 PM. The balance for costume payments is due during costume measuring week with a grace period ending Thursday December 10, 2021, by 6:30 PM. Costume prices range on average between $45.00 and $65.00 each. These dates and times are final. Please do not ask for exceptions. A costume will not be ordered for your dancer if your costume is not paid in full by December 10, 2021. Extensions are not available. Checks for costume payments must be postdated for December 10th, 2021 and remitted to the office during Measurement Week for your convenience.

In-Studio Dress Rehearsal

To help simplify recital weekend, we will have a full costume dress rehearsal at the studio. This rehearsal will be held during your dancer’s regularly scheduled class time the week of Monday, May ____ through Saturday, May ____ 2022. A parent or other responsible adult must attend the class with the dancer. All costume alterations must be completed for this rehearsal, and hair must be worn according to your costume instruction sheet. Makeup is not required during this week.

Rehearsal and Recital

The mandatory rehearsal will be _______ at the TBD. The recital performance will be _______ at the TBD. Your dancer must attend the full dress rehearsal to participate in the recital. No exceptions.

The studio will communicate with parents/guardians via our website, Facebook page, e-mail, and notes sent home with dances in the Spring. Please be on the lookout for these notes, A copy of these notes will be posted in the lobby as well as on our web page under “Dance News.”

Recital Orientations are held in the spring to provide detailed information about process for parents/guardians with students new to our studio.

Tickets for the recital will be available through Ticketmaster or the Hattiesburg Saenger Theater Box Office in May. Watch for information and dates when the tickets will be available for purchase.

Professional pictures will also be available at the dress rehearsal at the Saenger Theatre. We will also have in studio recital pictures. Class pictures will also be taken at the studio and available for purchase. Typically, recital t-shirts and program ads are available for purchase as well. You will receive more detailed information in the Spring during Costume Fitting Week and In-Studio Dress Rehearsal Week.

Five Flags Dance Academy

Dress Code

Hair (All Classes)

Hair must be pulled back away from face. Ponytail or buns are encouraged. Hair will not be allowed down in class. Long bangs need to be pinned away from face. Unless its choreographed in the dance.

Female Students

Except some ballet classes, a leotard, and the appropriate shoes. There are no color codes for tights or leotards. Please wear the colors and styles you enjoy.



Shoes– Pink ballet shoes (any brand, any material) – Bedroom slippers or play shoes are not allowed

Leotards– Any color leotard, NO T-SHIRTS

Tights– Footed or convertible tights

Hair– Bun preferred

Other– Ballet skirts are encouraged but must be above the knee. Ballet skirts will be decided by age and teacher.



Shoes- Preschool – Black Patent Leather Shoes are required. They must be secured with black elastic loops. Leotard with tights or leggings.

All other tap classes must have tan tap shoes.

Teen and Seniors must have both colors.



Shoes- carmel or tan lesther slip on jazz shoes. No laces.

Leotards- Any color leotard, form fitting shorts are acceptable at teacher’s discretion. NO T-SHIRTS

Leggings are allowed. Extra tight tank tops are also allowed.



Shoes- Dance Paw or bare feet.

Leotards- Any color leotard. Form fitting shorts over leotard are acceptable at teacher’s discretion. – NO T-SHIRTS ALLOWED

Tights- Optional

Hip Hop


Shoes- Any type of tennis shoe, dancer’s choice.

Attire- any color leotard. Shoes and dance pants are acceptable. No jeans.

Loose fitted clothing is allowed based on teacher’s discretion.



Shoes- Pink pointe shoes (student choice of brand) – Must be approved by teacher

Leotard- Black leotard – NO T-SHIRTS

Tights- Footed or convertible tights. Tights must be worn over feet.

Hair- Bun

Other- Ballet Skirts are optional. Two-piece dance suits, shirts, pants, shorts, or skirts are not allowed in Pointe Class.

Musical Theatre


Shoes- Carmel or tan slip on jazz shoes

Attire- Leotard and shorts or dance pants allowed. NO T-SHIRTS ALLOWED

Other Reminders for all classes

Please be sure to label all clothing, shoes, and bags with your child’s first and last name with permanent marker.

Bare feet are not allowed in any dance class the requires shoes. A dance bag labeled with dancer’s full name allows dancers to keep their and other belongings together.

Street clothes (T-Shirts etc.) in class only for hip hop.

Please do not wear tangling jewelry.

No gum or candy are allowed in class.

Please leave all toys at home.

There will be no cell phones allowed in class.

Outside the Classroom Setting

A cover up must be worn over dance clothes to and from the dance studio.

A pair of street shoes are required to be worn to and from the dance studios. Please do not wear your dance shoes outside.


Holidays and Important Dates

Dates are subject to change.

  • Classes Begin August 2, 2021

  • Labor Day Holiday

  • Mandatory Costume Deposit Due

    • Deposit is __ per costume.

  • Costume Measurement Week

  • Thanksgiving Holidays

  • Costume Payment Balance Due

  • 2021 Winter Showcase

  • Winter Break

  • Classes Resume

  • MLK Jr. Holiday

  • Spring Break

  • Costume Fitting Week

  • In-Studio Dress Rehearsal

  • Recital Weekend

  • Rehearsal

  • Recital Day